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Heat and water
Soo-Soft Digital Water Softener

The Soo-Soft Digital Water Softener creates an electrical field around the water main that reduces long chains of hard calcium to ultra-fine particles just 4 microns in size. This reduction in particle size reduces the abrasiveness of the water, making it feel soft and silky. Not only does Soo-Soft eliminate the potential for lime-scale build-up, the softened water actually slowly dissolves existing calcium deposits in pipes, pumps, heating equipment, plumbing fixtures and appliances.


H-1000 Residential Digital Water Softener

Soo-Soft Water Softeners
Softens water electronically
Dissolves lime scale deposits
Makes water feel soft and silky
Improves cleaning power of soaps
Softens fabrics and clothing
Makes hair and skin softer and silkier
Protects plumbing, heaters and fixtures
Protects ice-makers, irons, coffee-makers
No costly, messy, bulky bags of salt
System Dimensions Voltage Max. Pipe Size
H-1000 Residential 6" x 3.75" x 2.5" 120 AC 1"

Also Available: C-2000 Commercial, R-1000 RV, M-1000 Marine



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