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Nelson & Small
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About Nelson and Small
About Nelson and Small

Nelson & Small is a top-performing, nationally recognized wholesale distributor operating throughout New England and Eastern New York.

Harold Nelson founded the company in 1936, and his cousin, Irving, joined him in running the business a few years later. Today, the founders' sons, Ken Nelson and David Small, lead a closely-knit team of 50+ dedicated individuals located throughout the company's territory and from its Portland, Maine, headquarters facility and warehouse.


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Since 1936, Nelson & Small, Inc. has pioneered new technologies and has helped launch many new products into the marketplace from a broad array of industries. If you have owned well-known brand-name products such as Armstrong, Formica, Frigidaire, Glastron, Motorola, Panasonic, Polaris, Pioneer, Yardman, or Zenith, more than likely they passed through our doors.

Today, we distribute three major product categories:

Indoor Air-Quality Products: the latest technologies for improving indoor comfort and a healthy, pleasant environment in the home and in commercial buildings. In addition to conventional and split air-conditioning systems, we carry the Odorox line of hydroxy generators, a technology that generates naturally occurring free radicals that neutralize odors and kill germs, molds, and bacteria in the air and on surfaces.

Heating & Water-Heating Products: high-efficiency, kerosene, #2 home-heating oil, and gas-fueled heating and water-heating systems. Our outstanding network of retail dealers display, sell, and service our selection of high-quality products.

Commercial Laundry Products: laundry related products for hotels/motels, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, and other institutions, as well as complete laundry/dry-cleaning stores. We distribute most of our commercial laundry products directly to commercial/industrial end users.

Our top-notch Parts and Service Department employs highly skilled technicians and is fully equipped with parts and accessories to assure prompt and efficient response.


"Every time we ship a product, we think of it not only as an order, but as a customer's livelihood. It has to be quality, trouble-free merchandise. It has to be there on time, and if a problem arises, we have to move heaven and earth to solve it. If we can remain true to our goal of making our customer's work easier and more rewarding by caring about their success as much as our own, we will both prosper."

Kenneth M. Nelson, President